There are two obvious uses for this name, one is an express (eg: fast) delivery service for beads and bead supplies.

We are not a mail order shop.

Ok, we could list mail order shops, rent space, sell banners, and all that other stuff, but does the internet really need another bead shop listing site?

The other obvious use would be for a chain of small bead shops, located in strip malls, nice spaces in downtown areas, and other such barely usable spaces. These shops would stock a small supply of findings, repair tools, and colorful crystals and accents to quickly make or repair sets of new earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. A small and rotating stock of gemstones and other beads could also be available.

Run in, and quickly get a repair or new set of earrings. Like our MakeItTakeIt offering.

A third option, and one we are probably going to go with, is to rename our Beads of the month clubs, into the "Bead Express" program.

We will create neat collections of beads, and send them to your door, every month, every other month, or once every quarter.

We are working on the back end of the site, and once we are done, we'll open up.

2 May 2005
We are working on some ideas for helping bead shops compete and survive in the chain-store, mass-market world. For now, visit to talk about, and share your ideas.

2 May 2005
PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. ® and are working on some offerings to help bead shops maintain inventory, increase customer loyalty, and compete in the mass-market chain-store world. It's hard to carry everything, or even to get small quantities of product at wholesale competitive prices. Your ideas are welcome. Visit us at, or drop us a line at BeadShopsOnly.


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